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March 2019 - Added an Aphrodisiac bottle to the Caverject page. Added a page on Upjohn cigarette lighters. Added a 1971 sales catalog. Added a new Fun Fact. Added a short story on a morphine sample received by Control.

February 2019 - Added 16 examples of Upjohn products.

January 2019 - Added two 1983 photos from Upjohn Indonesia.

December 2018 - Updated the photos of my Upjohn collection. Added a metal tube of ethyl chloride  anesthetic gas. Added a photo of another wooden crate. Created a news section on the home page. Added a 1950 history seminar by Richard Broholm.

November 2018 - Added a new page on Upjohn employees and groups today. Added a 1950 article about Upjohn in the Philippines. Added a timeline for the Portage Road Project. Added a page on the 2018 reunion of Upjohn employees in the Philippines. Added a box of Asgrow seeds

October 2018 - Added a 1978 Control News International Technical Edition. Added photos and documents from Crawley Control. Added a page on International QA and on cricket at Kalamazoo. Added a group photo of international managers at Kalamazoo. Added a 1957 article on the farms. Added a 1957 article on the Portage Pilot Laboratory. Added a 1957 article on company cafeterias. Added a 1957 article on computers. Added a page on unusual jobs at Upjohn. Added another article on the farms. Added articles on finished goods inspection and packaging support. Added more Upjohn Auto Show Off badges.

September 2018 - Added a photo album from a 1975 service recognition visit to Brook Lodge. Added a 1972 Upjohn International Division Report. Added a 1970 Agricultural Division Report. Added the 1965 publication Progress Through Science. Added a large embossed mercury bichloride bottle. Added a 1960 article about employees participating in car rallies. Added a 1955 article on making a movie in Building 41. Added an article on airplane clubs that employees belong to. Added another article covering the first mainframe computer. Added a January 1958 Upjohn News article called Guardians of Product Sterility. Added a June 1958 article about preparing for the first mainframe computer. Added a new page for security articles and items. Added a 3-part 1951 article covering sterile product manufacturing. Added a 1951 article on Fine Chem. Added a 1960 article on Fine Chem. Added a 1954 article on Control and a 1954 article on Chemical Engineering.

August 2018 - Added Crawley, UK internal newletters No 6, No 7 and No 8. Added a Xanax ashtray. Added a new fun fact about license plates.

July 2018 - Added pic of an old wooden box. Added a gold Upjohn CPR lighter. Added the oldest Upjohn binder I've ever seen. Added pic of another old wooden box. Added the Upjohn Award for Fred Heyl. Added a Xanax license plate.

June 2018 - Added pics of a Borotal bottle. Added an employee badge for Joseph Ducharme.

May 2018 - Added an August 1987 Control News.  Added a 1960 article on the public tour escorts. Added the retirement article for Bryant Fullerton and a photo of Scott Aldrich on the Control Other Memories page. Added a 1952 article on old automobiles owned by employees. Added one new product called Buchu and Pareira Brava. Added a couple of pages from 1950s Upjohn New on the Other Memories page. Added a page on Building 91 and Fine Chemical research. Added a pic of a 40-year service award to Robert Polley. Added a Upjohn Int'l shipping chest . Added some photos of a Bacitracin USP steel drum I recently bought. Added a 35-year service anniversary award item. Added a list of Upjohn Award winners from 1938 to 2003.

April 2018 - Added a 1950 article about IBM equipment in the Tabulating Department. Added an article from 1950 when the company first starting formally using Brook Lodge. Added a 1950 article on Gelfoam. Added a 1946 article on the early tour program.  Added a 1950 article about the new Portage Rd plant. Added a 1947 article on the recognition of employee service anniversaries. Added some photos of the Puurs site. Added the Control "Gee Boss It Can't Be Done" Award. Added information on the pneumatic tube system. Added a January 1952 article to the page on a Portage residential development. Added a 1950 article on the Civil Defence Control Center in the basement of Building 41. Added 3 articles and a B41 drawing on the Portage Road Project page. Added a new page containing a number of early 1950s articles looking back to the good old days. Added a new Upjohn fun fact - Upjohn's worst product ever!

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