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November 2023 - Added a page on the Upjohn Diet Service.   

October 2023 - Added Nausea Tablets (contains cocaine), Tonic (Aitken) and Sterile Penicillin G Sodium to the Products page.   

September 2023 - Added a bottle of Heroin Compound Syrup on the Products page.

August 2023 - Added a new fun fact. The 1946-1962 collection of Upjohn News magazines have all been converted to a format that is more easily read. Check them out at this link. Added a Mixture Opium and Glycyrrhiza bottle, an Ipecac and Opium Powder bottle and a Bismuth Ethyl Camphorate bottle. Added a Xanax XR clock.      

July 2023 - Added a Boiler Plant cap, a Cheracol bottle with labels in Spanish and English, a Euphorbia Compound bottle and a 10-year anniversary laser-cut wooden photo cube. Updated the photos on the page showing my Upjohn collection. Added a page on the sitosterol stockpile, a.k.a. Steroid Mountain. Added a book of cartoons titled "Osborn looks at the Veterinarian".   

June 2023 - I've been converting the collection of Upjohn News magazines to a format that is more easily read. So far, I've finished 1946 to 1952. Check them out at this link.  

May 2023 - Added Lassar's Paste, Calomel Ointment and Cidicol to the Products page. Added a photo of Lawrence N Upjohn. Added a new fun fact.      

April 2023 - Added a list of Upjohn employees from 1897 to 1974. Added a photo of a KTQU license plate.

March 2023 - Updated the photos of my personal collection

February 2023 - Added an employee badge for Emma Greenwood. Added a photo of the atomic sterilization of drugs. Added a 1990 Upjohn Japan calendar. Added items from George Macleod to the Carol Orris section. Added the complete contents of a 1952 Handy Product Reference booklet.   

January 2023 - Added a Follicular Tonsillitis bottle to the Products page. Added a document showing the history of Upjohn computing in the ACC and RCC.   

December 2022 - Added four issues of The Pipeline, a pipe shop newsletter. Added a February 1993 Intercomment.  Added more pipe shop information amd items from Mike Winchester.  Added an Orinase sundial and an Rx sign on the Advertising Items page.   


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