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Click here for an overview of Control in the January 1954 Upjohn News (from the collection of Tony Taraszka)

















The advice below was given to John Vanderbilt by Pauline Wherly when John started in Control during the early 1970s. John spent his entire career in Upjohn Control/Quality. The author is Robert Gramaud.




The photo below was taken in Indonesia in November 1983 at the end of Ian William's secondment there. This was the entire control division with second from the right Noer Yahya, who was the Control Manager.



The photo below was taken in Indonesia during late 1983 at the outside bar of the Hilton Hotel in Jakarta. Left to right - Ian Williams, Art Aartila, a project engineer from Kazoo, Brian Ritter General Manager Upjohn Indonesia, Alain Grebet from Upjohn France and Bill  ?, an engineer from Kazoo.






Elk Park was a small paved area with a picnic table outside Building 259 in Portage. It was named after Edwin L Knoechel, a scientist who worked in the Specifications Development group in the Control Division. His determination was responsible for its creation. Elk Park still exists in 2015.



This train picture hung in the office of Tony Taraszka, the Upjohn VP for Control



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